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Whether you need help with a divorce or a child custody matter, have a landlord-tenant issue or are trying to obtain citizenship or get a visa, we can help. Let us help guide you on your next step.

No matter how you define family

Whether you need help with a divorce or child custody matter or are trying to obtain citizenship or get a visa, we can help. If you are struggling for answers, let us help guide you on your next step.

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No matter what family law issues you face, we can help you navigate the situation and reach a favorable outcome. Whether you need help with divorce, child custody or support, or another family law matter, we can help.

Dealing with immigration or applying for a visa on your own can be confusing. What’s worse is mistakes can add significant time to your visa getting approved. If you need help, the best thing for you to do is call us today.

Whether you are a landlord dealing with a tenant abusing the system and destroying your property or you are a tenant that is dealing with a property owner violating your rights, we can help.

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Atlanta Family Law & Immigration Attorneys

We help individuals and families navigate the treacherous waters of family law and immigration. We are your fierce advocates of justice, determined to fight for you every step of the way.

Going to court and dealing with laws and judges and court hearings can be extremely draining. You have a lot on the line when you are talking about family law and immigration.

One mistake or oversight can mean years of lost time.

The procedural rules of court are just as important as the facts of the matter. One mistake in how you file or present information to the court can sabotage your family law case or visa approval status, which can be more than devastating and potentially take years to recover from.

The stakes are too high to risk navigating the process alone.

Attorney Judith Montgomery and the law firm of Atlanta Family and Immigration Law can help you navigate this difficult, stressful time and give you peace of mind and the best outcome possible.


Let’s face it… if you are here now, you’re likely going through one of the most stressful times in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are navigating divorce, fighting to see your kids or dealing with unfair child support — we can help.

We understand what you are going through and will work diligently with you every step of the way.

Do I Need An Atlanta Immigration Attorney?

Attorney Judith Montgomery is a product of immigration and is passionate about helping to protect the rights of those who are looking to achieve the American Dream. Whether that means you are seeking citizenship, want to obtain a Visa, or want peace of mind when dealing with USCIS, we are here for you all the way.


An experienced Atlanta Family & Immigration Lawyer can help no matter what situation you may find yourself in.
Whether you are in the early stages of a challenging situation, or if you have found yourself deep into the tough conversations
and you are in the process of hashing out all of the details - we’re here to help.