We help individuals and families navigate the treacherous waters of family law and immigration. We are your fierce advocates of justice, determined to fight for you every step of the way.

Going to court and dealing with laws and judges and court hearings can be extremely draining. You have a lot on the line when you are talking about family law and immigration.

One mistake or oversight can mean years of lost time.

The procedural rules of court are just as important as the facts of the matter. One mistake in how you file or present information to the court can sabotage your family law case or visa approval status, which can be more than devastating and potentially take years to recover from.

The stakes are too high to risk navigating the process alone.

Attorney Judith Montgomery and the law firm of Atlanta Family and Immigration Law can help you navigate this difficult, stressful time and give you peace of mind and the best outcome possible.


Attorney Judith Montgomery and the law firm of Atlanta Family and Immigration Law can help you navigate this difficult, stressful time and give you peace of mind and the best outcome possible. Attorney Judith Montgomery and the law firm of Atlanta Family and Immigration Law can help you navigate this difficult, stressful time and give you peace of mind and the best outcome possible. Attorney Judith Montgomery and the law firm of Atlanta Family and Immigration Law can help you navigate this difficult, stressful time and give you peace of mind and the best outcome possible.

Divorce & Family Law

When dealing with legal issues involving your marriage and your family, we want you to know that you’re not alone. The Atlanta Family and Immigration Law team is here to help you in these tender and tumultuous times. We’ll provide you with the fierce advocacy and representation you need to take on everything from support and custody issues to property division, counseling, and family formation matters. From day one until everything is settled, we’ll be by your side. Trust us to handle your case with compassion and respect, and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Landlord-Tenant Issues

Both landlords and tenants have rights. We’re here to help protect them. All landlords are responsible for providing decent housing to their tenants— just like tenants are required to pay their rent. Should issues arise between tenants and landlords, they must be handled with great attention to detail to respect the rights of both parties. With the state of Georgia’s strict rules regarding terminations and evictions, GOOD tenants often find themselves in troubling situations where they fear losing their homes. Atlanta Family and Immigration Law is here to answer any questions you have and ensure your rights are protected.


Video responses to your common legal questions provided by attorney Judith Montgomery

When facing a legal challenge related to family law, immigration law, or just about anything else, most people will have a lot of questions. Attorney Judith Montgomery and staff have taken the time to record helpful answers to many of the questions she has received from her clients over the years. Take some time to view these brief, but informative, videos below to get answers to questions you may have. Make sure to return here regularly as more videos are added regularly.


What is family visa and what’s required to obtain one?
What is a K-1 Visa and how does it relate to a Family Visa?
What is Asylum and when is it granted?

Divorce & Family Law

When is a spouse entitled to alimony? If awarded, how long is it typically paid?
My spouse has left the country with my child - how can you help me?
How is child custody determined?
How does juvenile law tie into family law?
What rights will I have to visitation?
Wht is the difference between legal and physical custody?
How long does a divorce take? How much does it cost?
How is property divided in a divorce? What about the debts?

Landlord-Tenant Issues

How have you helped tenants to enforce their rights against landlords?
What services do you provide to landlords?

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Ms. Smith

Immigration Client

I recommend Attorney Delus. I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers then I was referred to Attorney Delus by a family friend. I was nervous because I had not paid rent in two months. The attorney was able to get me a settlement for $3,000 from my landlord, three months free rent, and no eviction on my rental record. She was professional and tenacious in representing me. So I would recommend her to anyone! She is awesome!

Alex M


This has to be, hands down the nicest immigration law firm I've ever had the pleasure to have represent my family. The immigration attorney was so informative, and helpful. The staff was knowledgeable, kind and always helped us with our questions or concerns. The receptionist was so welcoming and nice. They all made my family and I feel so comfortable. If you are looking for a Spanish speaking firm who are nice and know what they're doing I highly recommend this firm. Best firm that my family and i have used! Highly recommend

Sarah K


I am a fellow lawyer but do not practice family law. I referred a mutual client to Judy to handle a very complicated custody matter on extremely short notice. Judy handled the case for my client like a champion and was communicative throughout the case with both me and the client. She not only won the case but truly knocked this complicated, convoluted custody and family violence matter OUT OF THE PARK, including an award of attorneys fees for her/my client. I would recommend Judy for every Georgia family law client going forward. Her team is amazing, and their customer service is A++!

Kimberly C.


I had very complicated divorce process with custody. Before I was introduced to Attorney Montgomery, I had to change couple lawyers firms. I can tell only one thing, she is the best of the best when it comes to the battle in the court. She was always prepared, always supported and fought for me till the end. Attorney Montgomery won my case and I got everything what I asked for. I recommend Attorney Montgomery and her team 100%. You won't find any one better than her in the city of Atlanta.

Joseph O.


In my case, it was a serious kind of war where by my ex-wife was trying to get away after committing adultery and was falsely accusing me of domestic violence and abuse just to fight back. By the work of my attorney Montgomery we were able to battle the case to the final, now I am divorced & I am so excited to move forward with my life again. Thanks to the all teams of Atlanta Family & Immigration Law for your work.

Amesha M.


Judith and her team were amazing. They delivered amazing results and went out of their way to make my process smooth and pleasant. If you are looking for results this is the place to go!!

Cullen B.


You can rest assured with Atlanta Family & Immigration Law on your side. I have appeared with Judith in court several times and in other venues. I would not have gotten the same results, without her. After working with Judith I was able to get back my life and be with my kids more. Thanks!

Raymond R.


I retained The Atlanta Family & Immigration Law for a difficult divorce. Definitely recommend them. The quality of your Divorce Attorney is key to the outcome of your case. Attorney Montgomery and her team will fight for you until the end.

Steven A.


I switched over to this firm referred by a colleague and I'm so glad I made that choice, the staff and Attorney Montgomery were very professional and kind about the way they handled my case. My results were more than expected and Thank you For your hard work ladies. I will let my family and friends know about this place. Everyone was so professional and well mannered thank you again.

Eddy V.


This firm did an amazing job in my case, everything was handled in a timely matter and in a very professional way. The staff go above and beyond to get your case resolved. Very happy with the results and recommend 100%. Thank you Attorney Montgomery and staff for all your hard work in my case.