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Protecting Your Interests in Landlord/Tenant Legal Disputes

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Landlord-tenant disputes arise for several reasons, like tenants failing to read and understand the terms of the lease before signing it, landlords not meeting building codes, landlords failing to return deposits, tenants failing to move out once the lease has ended, or failing to pay rent on time. There are, of course, many other conflicts that can sometimes escalate to the point where the courts need to get involved. Whatever the situation, if either the tenant or the landlord fails to meet their obligations, an attorney can help protect your legal rights. Our firm is particularly passionate about holding landlords accountable in providing the same level of quality in their rental units as they would provide for their own families.

Whether you are fighting or pursuing a dispossessory action, or are involved in a landlord tenant dispute about various rights and duties called for under the lease, please reach out to Atlanta Family & Immigration Law. We have an exceptional litigation record in the courts of Metro Atlanta, which shows that we are THE firm to hire for all your Landlord/Tenant and Third Party Insurance needs.