Introducing Associate Attorney Julie Barnes

Julie Barnes

Attorney Julie Barnes was born in Savannah, Georgia and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from college, she moved to New York City where she pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology, and worked in the mental health field.

She returned to live in Atlanta in 2001 to attend law school and she graduated from Georgia State University College of Law in 2003. She is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, and is admitted to the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Before joining Atlanta Family & Immigration Law in July, Attorney Julie Barnes has practiced Family Law since 2005, representing clients in Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Legitimation, Modification of Child Custody and Child Support, Alimony and related cases. She is committed to vigorously pursuing her client’s goals while at the same time striving to resolve their cases with as little strife and animosity as possible.

Attorney Julie Barnes is a trained and experienced mediator for the courts of Georgia and is a Registered Neutral in Georgia. She has extensive experience performing mediations in Landlord-Tenant disputes. Mediation is frequently required in Fulton County and Dekalb County courts. She has also represented both Landlords and Tenants in litigation.

In her free time Attorney Barnes likes to cook and try new recipes, and she loves to read. As a film buff, she loves to go to see independent and foreign films.