Summertime: A Season of Families United, Not Separated or Divided

We will continue to fight for united families in the United States of America

We are heartbroken by the separation of families that we are seeing in the news daily. Therefore, from July 1-September 1, 2019, the Law Office of Judith Delus, P.A. will help more Non-U.S. Citizens families remain united more than ever before. How will we sow seeds of unity this summer?

We will provide 100 free legal strategy sessions + a Bonus Cancellation of Removal for Non-LPR FAQ Sheet to the first 100 people ready to ensure their families remain united!

Do I qualify for a Free Legal Strategy Session?

You qualify for a Free Legal Strategy Session if you:

  • are not a U.S. citizen; AND
    • You have been in the US continuously physically present;
    • You have been a person of good moral character during that 10 year period;
    • Don’t have any previous criminal convictions more serious than DUI on your record; AND
    • Don’t have any previous deportation order(s); AND
    • Your possible deportation would cause “exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to your lawful permanent resident or US citizen spouse, children or parent; AND
    • are invested in staying in the USA, your home.

If you’re uncertain, fill out the form below, provide us more detail about your situation, and find out yourself!

What does the Free Legal Strategy Session include?

A full analysis of your legal situation with an Expert Cancellation of Removal Team to find the best way to get you closer to Freedom and all your goals. We pride ourselves in our expertise, and we get it right, the first time.

When should I expect my Free Legal Strategy Session?

Once you fill out the form to see if you qualify, our Team will be in touch with you within one business day. We will then coordinate the Free Legal Strategy Session. This can be over the phone!

Our Free Cancellation of Removal FAQ Sheet includes answers to common questions:

  • Can an old criminal arrest affect my immigration status?
  • Can I stay in the United States if I am unable to show exceptional hardship to my family?
  • How can I prove I qualify for cancellation of removal?

What You Need to Do

  1. Fill Out Short Webform To Confirm Eligibility
  2. Receive Your Free Cancellation of Removal FAQ Sheet
  3. Receive Call From Team For Your Free Legal Strategy Session
  4. Finally Find Your Pathway to remaining united in the United States of America (your home)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.