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Your Happiest Chapter Yet: Our Tips for Thriving Post-Divorce

Let’s face it: Divorce is gut-wrenching. On your wedding day, you imagined that you were at the start of your happily ever after. You believed you’d made a connection that would last the rest of your life. You probably never dreamed that you would reach a point when you would have to accept that the marriage had reached its end. Divorce is hard not only because it involves losing a romantic partner, but also because Read More

Understanding Adjustment of Status

Applying for your lawful permanent residency status, often referred to as your “green card,” can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. When you are applying for lawful permanent residency status while already located in the United States, this process is referred to as Adjustment of Status.  To achieve Adjustment of Status, you must first be eligible for a Green Card. The main categories through which immigrants Read More

International Issues: What Happens If Your Spouse Leaves the Country with Your Child?

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. You come home from a long and hard day at the office, only to discover that the unthinkable has happened - your foreign-born spouse has left the country and taken your child with them. Unfortunately, this is a situation that can happen when a marriage is on the verge of ending. Some parents take the children and leave the state but others, especially if they are citizens of Read More

Step-by-Step Guide to the Eviction Process

Every day, landlords and tenants across Georgia enter into a rental agreement designed to benefit both parties. Unfortunately, the landlord-tenant relationship is like other arrangements: sometimes it doesn’t work out as hoped and eviction results. Unlike some other states, Georgia law does not make it difficult for landlords to evict tenants who violate their lease agreement or don’t pay their rent. It does Read More

3 Myths About Men and Divorce

An old saying goes something along the lines of, “If you think it’s a man’s world, wait until you get divorced.” Divorce court was regarded as the place where women came out on top as the parent of choice and recipient of substantial spousal support awards, leaving the husband with limited access to his children and a difficult existence on a reduced income. What makes common myths about men and divorce so Read More

Georgia Tenants: Know Your Rights in 3 Common Security Deposit Disputes

Security deposits are intended to compensate Atlanta landlords if a tenant disappears without paying the last month’s rent or damages the apartment during their tenancy. The deposit is supposed to be returned to the tenant after they move out, minus any deductions for damages. It sounds straightforward, but security deposit disputes are one of the main reasons why Atlanta landlords and tenants end up in Read More

How a Criminal Record Impacts Your Immigration Case

These days, thousands of immigrants, both legal and undocumented, are worried about their status in the U.S. After the White House issued new executive orders in January 2017, the Department of Homeland Security and ICE (Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement) began taking accelerated action again those labeled as “removable,” even if they had legal status. While the Executive Orders did not add to the categories Read More

6 Possible Deportation Defenses to Prevent Deportation

If you receive a “Notice to Appear” from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you’re probably feeling scared, desperate, and helpless. Regardless of whether you believed you were in the U.S. legally or you overstayed a visa and simply hoped for the best, you’re wondering if there are any deportation defenses that can provide relief and let you continue building your new life here. The answer is yes. Below is a Read More

What’s Mine Is Mine: How Georgia Divides Property in a Divorce

When you divorce in Georgia, all property accumulated during the marriage needs to be divided between you and your spouse. Most divorcing spouses negotiate the division themselves or seek assistance from a mediator in order to avoid the time, expense, and stress of a contested divorce. But if you cannot reach an agreement, the court will have to make that decision. Separate vs. Marital Assets The division Read More

Understanding Dispossessory Actions

When relations with your landlord turn sour, there is always the chance that they may try to evict you. While some evictions are legally justified, others are not, and it is important to understand your rights if your landlord orders you to leave. What is a Dispossessory Action? In Georgia, eviction lawsuits are also known as dispossessory actions. Your landlord may evict you for not paying rent or for Read More