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6 Possible Deportation Defenses to Prevent Deportation

If you receive a “Notice to Appear” from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you’re probably feeling scared, desperate, and helpless. Regardless of whether you believed you were in the U.S. legally or you overstayed a visa and simply hoped for the best, you’re wondering if there are any deportation defenses that can provide relief and let you continue building your new life here. The answer is yes. Below is a Read More

What’s Mine Is Mine: How Georgia Divides Property in a Divorce

When you divorce in Georgia, all property accumulated during the marriage needs to be divided between you and your spouse. Most divorcing spouses negotiate the division themselves or seek assistance from a mediator in order to avoid the time, expense, and stress of a contested divorce. But if you cannot reach an agreement, the court will have to make that decision. Separate vs. Marital Assets The division Read More

Understanding Dispossessory Actions

When relations with your landlord turn sour, there is always the chance that they may try to evict you. While some evictions are legally justified, others are not, and it is important to understand your rights if your landlord orders you to leave. What is a Dispossessory Action? In Georgia, eviction lawsuits are also known as dispossessory actions. Your landlord may evict you for not paying rent or for Read More

Divorce 101: How Alimony Is Determined in Georgia

The concept of alimony, also known as spousal support, dates back to a time when husbands were the financial providers and wives rarely worked outside the home or, if they did, it was merely to supplement their spouse’s income. Knowing that divorce left most wives at an economic disadvantage, the courts ordered their former husbands to support them financially until they remarried. Today, it is routine to see both Read More

Divorce 101: How Is Child Custody Determined in Georgia?

When parents are separating or divorcing in Georgia, the ideal outcome is that they make their own custody arrangement, one that meets the needs of the entire family. If this can’t happen due to hostility between the parents, the court will have to step in. Many fathers dread this prospect because they assume that mothers have an advantage when it comes to custody, especially if the children are younger. While Read More

Know Your Rights: What to Do if Your Landlord Isn’t Taking Care of Your Apartment or Rental Home

When you moved into your new apartment in Atlanta, it was bright, clean, and all appliances were in good working order. Over time, however, you soon realized that your landlord was not too concerned about upkeep. It took him weeks to repair the leaking kitchen faucet and now the lock on the door to your unit won’t work properly. Every apartment or rental home in the state comes with an implied warranty of Read More

Immigration Basics: Understanding the “Green Card”

For many newcomers, obtaining their green card takes them one step closer to their dream of American citizenship. When you have a green card, you are a legal permanent resident who can live and work in the United States. Other benefits include: Applying for U.S. citizenship after five years Sponsoring relatives to join you in the U.S. Becoming eligible for Social Security benefits after working for at Read More

Break the News: 4 Tips to Compassionately Tell Your Kids That You’re Getting Divorced

Perhaps the pressure is gone and… perhaps you’re confident about your decision to file for divorce. You and your spouse have been unhappy for a while, and both of you agree that being apart is best. What you’re probably not looking forward to is the necessary conversation with the kids regarding the divorce; the process, the pros and yes, even the cons. It is normal for parents to want to shield their children Read More

Bringing Your Loved Ones to America: A Brief Guide to the K Visa

They say that love has no boundaries, but when you are a U.S. citizen in love with a foreign national, there are some immigration formalities that you’ll need to observe before your fiancé(e) or spouse can join you or remain with you in the United States. The K-1 Visa The K-1 is a nonimmigrant visa that was specially created to facilitate the entry of foreign-born fiancé(e)s into the United States. Its sole Read More

What You Need to Know About Temporary Protective Orders

If you have been a victim of family violence and are sincerely afraid of your spouse, former spouse, current or former domestic partner, or close family member, you should file for a Temporary Protective Order (TPO). These orders can help keep you safe as you seek to reclaim your future. How to Obtain a Temporary Protective Order O.C.G.A. §19-13-3 specifies the guidelines for protective orders in Georgia. If Read More