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If you need help fighting for your fair share of the property in a divorce, we can help. Let us be your trusted Atlanta Property Division Lawyer as well as your fierce advocate - we’ll help you guide you each step of the way.


If you need help fighting for your fair share of the property in a divorce, we can help. If you need answers, let us be your trusted advocate and help guide you on your next step. Need help? Contact us now.

atlanta property division lawyer

Georgia does not recognize community property. A community property state would consider any property purchased by either spouse during the marriage is actually property of both spouses. This is not the case in Georgia. If you purchase property individually even while you are married, that property is owned by you alone.

Georgia is considered an equitable distribution state. This means that in a divorce, you are not guaranteed to get 50% of marital property. Instead, the property will be split in an equitable (meaning far) manner. Oftentimes the equitable distribution will end up in a 50/50 split, unless there is a particular reason to give one spouse a larger share.

In Georgia, any property that is considered marital property will be split between the spouses. Any individually owned (or separate) property will generally not be split.

Marital property in its simplest definition is any property acquired jointly by both spouses during the marriage. Any property owned previous to the marriage, acquired by inheritance, or purchased individually during the marriage is considered separate property.

Atlanta Property Division Attorneys

We are here to help both individuals and families navigate the complicated world of Property Division Law in Georgia. We are devoted to being your trusted advocates and you can be sure that we will fight for your interests and your financial freedom each and every step of the way.

When it comes to your finances, there is a lot on the line. This is an emotional and stressful process but you don’t have to face it by yourself. One mistake can cause unnecessary heartache, financial strain, and years of lost time which is why it is crucial to work with a lawyer who is experienced with property division.

We know how high the stakes are when it comes to your home and your financial wellbeing. We have years of experience specifically with property division under Georgia law and we will know the best way to approach your particular situation. No two divorces are exactly alike, so we will take the time to learn about you and your goals before we determine a plan for your property division.

The hard truth is the process of creating a property division agreement, going to court, facing a judge and arguing your case is draining, and not too mention time-consuming. You are already dealing with one of the most stressful periods of your life, teaching yourself all about property division law on top of that is just too much for most people. Attorney Judith Montgomery and the law firm of Atlanta Family and Immigration Law is here to help you navigate this situation, and fight by your side for the best outcome possible.

Do I need an Atlanta Property Division Lawyer?

The fact of the matter is, if you are searching for an Atlanta Property Division Lawyer, chances are you are already dealing with a stressful and confusing situation. If you find yourself facing an unfair distribution of property you need an experienced lawyer on your side to help make sure you get what you are due. We’re here to help.

We have the specific experience required to understand what you are going through and will work diligently with you every step of the way to fight for your rights and your financial freedom.

Get Help From an Atlanta Family & Immigration Lawyer

Whether you need help with a divorce or a child custody matter, have a landlord-tenant issue or are trying to obtain citizenship or get a visa, we can help. Let us help guide you on your next step.


It’s never too early (or too late!) to reach out to an Atlanta Property Division Lawyer

An experienced property division lawyer can help no matter what stage of the process you find yourself in. Whether you are just beginning to realize that dividing property is going to be complicated in your situation, or you have already had the tough conversation with your spouse and you are now in the process of hashing out the details - we’re here to help.

You don’t have to go through this process on your own. We are here to advocate for your rights, your finances, and the best interests of your family. From day one all the way until everything is finalized, we’ll be on your team.


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